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Do you plan to be visiting Columbus, Ohio anytime soon? Or perhaps you already live in this city, yet you are not completely aware of what there is when it comes to restaurants. In this article, we will discuss some of the best restaurants in Columbus, Ohio so that you can enjoy one of the most delicious meals the city has to offer.

1. Marcella’s

We start this list of the best restaurants in Columbus, Ohio by mentioning Marcella’s. This is a restaurant that serves Italian food such as pasta and pizza that thrills customers who step into their upbeat establishment. The dining room is set up in a charming vintage style, and, of course, the dishes served speak for themselves when it comes to flavor.

2. Milestone 229

This delicious and posh restaurant is one of the best when it comes to eateries in Columbus. Here you can find American cuisine that is modern as well as yummy comfort food that is sure to warm your heart and your belly. And one of the best features of Milestone 229? The sights of the Scioto Mile fountains that are truly wonderful to behold.

3. The Thurman Cafe

This restaurant is a classic and cozy American restaurant where you can kick back and enjoy some highly tasty food. You can also enjoy the full bar while you dig into a delectable burger. This one will be sure to be a favorite in no time.

4. Rodizio Grill

Perhaps you find yourself desiring the taste of a little something exotic. Well, you simply must stop by and give Rodizio Grill a try. This Brazillian steakhouse is sure to thrill you with the pop of flavors it delivers. Enjoy the salad bar plus the delicious meats carved tableside for your enjoyment.

5. Barcelona

Paella, as well as small Spanish plates of food, is served at this delicious Columbus restaurant. The environment is sleek and inviting, allowing you to kick back and relax while you enjoy your meal with your friends and family. Ask to be seated on the greenery-filled patio. You’ll be amazed at its beauty.

In conclusion, one of the best things about a city is the delicious and unique food that is served there. And these restaurants listed are some of the absolute best that you can find in Columbus, Ohio. Stop by one, two, or all of these eateries when you can and enjoy the tasty food they are known for. You’ll be glad you did!